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Common ways to use prion

  • Families

    It’s a simple yet effective way to stay close to each other in everyday life. Show the rest of the family what you are up to and collect photos when doing things together. All memories in one place and in high quality. Get notified when you have new posts, share stories and write captions, like and comment and even add to previous posts.

  • Children

    Create a digital album for your child to capture those early years. Create stories and write about special moments. Let the rest of the family and close friends take part on the journey. Ensure that the memories can live forever and build a memory lane for your child to look back on. The app is a safe private environment and don’t claim ownership over your content.

  • Events and Weddings

    The app is a fun and simple way to share photos at private events, weddings and bachelor parties. No need to worry about privacy or closed profiles when sharing as all groups are private. Both new and old photos can be uploaded to the group and up to 10 photos at a time. It’s possible to sort the content in chronological order to get the correct storyline in the app. All group members can download the photos in high quality. It also comes with interactive features such as likes, comments and notifications.

  • Travels and Adventures

    Capture adventures together in Prion. Create stories to really remember it all. Collaborate and build on previous posts or add new ones. Upload up to 10 photos at a time to a group. The sorting feature enables you to browse your memories in chronological order. All photos can be downloaded from the app in high quality.

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